inventing a design language

As Creative Director of Bocci, a contemporary design and manufacturing company in Vancouver, Canada, Omer Arbel focuses on the manufacturing and production processes, exploring the intrinsic mechanical, physical, and chemical qualities of materials to lead him to new findings that are born of a material’s intrinsic properties. Arbel has discovered through this way of thinking and working, interesting and complex forms will emerge.

discovery of material properties

Materials shape and change based on their intrinsic properties, and Arbel expands on his explorations with the material properties of glass. He speaks about two of his projects, 73.0 and 30.0, and the completely different techniques that mold the two into new experimental forms.

making things that last

What if people were to own less than 100 objects? Arbel brings insight to the concept of sustainability, and asks “can we think of objects in a less consumptive way?” Objects will last if they are built with the intention that they will last.

experimenting + prototyping

Arbel experiments and prototypes to lead him to a final form. 71.0 and 79.0 are two projects that came out of experimentation and lead to new material discoveries.

working in vancouver

Vancouver is a young city, new to the acceptance of design and culture, yet there are many benefits to working and manufacturing in Vancouver. Omer goes into detail about the perks of being involved in the manufacturing process at his glass factory.

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discovery of material properties


"What we should be making now are things that could gain in value over time, not lose value."
"We let the materials speak to us and tell us what they want to do, so there's no technical acrobatics necessary because our materials are already doing it."
This interview was conducted by: Haley Clarke + Amanda Poh