pleasure + imagination

Makio Hasuike is the Founder of fashion design company, MH Way, based in Milan, Italy. His projects explore the relationship of materiality and human pleasure to create designs that feel friendly and tell stories through unique metaphors. Hasuike’s designs, including the Mix Match bag and Zoom tube, playfully manifest his imagination as invention.

making of the mixmatch bag

The Mix Match Bag was designed by Makio Hasuike for the mixed needs of urbanites. Hasuike was inspired by the school bags of children throughout Italy and Japan to create something that can function as a shoulder bag or backpack. The material is thoughtfully considered to create something that feels natural, despite its technological qualities.

fabrication behind the zoom tube

The Zoom tube was designed by Makio Hasuike as a flexible system for creatives to carry large sheets of paper. Inspired by the cardboard rolls that architects use to store their work, the design uses a complex fabrication process to accommodate projects of different sizes. Hasuike connected the Zoom tube with the archetype of a quiver to embed a human experience within the plastic product.

mh way: fabrication behind the zoom tube (3/3)

italia 2016
"Pleasure is essential in my design, together with simplicity and lightness."
"I do believe that when you can tell the story of a project with joy and fun you can transmit these sensations to the users as well, and this is important."
"The role of the designer is quite humble. it is discovering necessities and pleasures we are still unaware of; there are a lot of products not on the market yet, a lot of things to discover and create to make people happier."
"I think that italian design is different from other countries, is more individualistic. The author, as a person, has a big part in it, so it is more sincere, more personal."
This interview was conducted by: Nick Doering + Alex Honeywell