william leung

note taker + animation

William works in a 3D space, building products digitally and physically. He enjoys giving form to ideas, thoughts, and ambitions, as well as giving meaning with motion - to motion. He is a rigorous worker that renders and produces in surges. When William isn’t rendering 3D models, you’ll find him playing hockey, behind the mask, tending the net.

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william leung (8/12)

italia 2016
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Who would you recommend field school to?

Mature students that are passionate in their craft, and are eager to experience and create sharable design knowledge from Italy's unique culture.

How has field school changed you since coming home?

A broader urge to explore. There is so much creative stimuli in just Italy - what about the rest of the world?

What was your proudest moment in Italy?

Biking to Richard Meier’s Jubilee church twice with a map memorized from Trastevere, Roma.