venus wan

b-roll + user experience + project manager

Venus is a curious user-experience designer, looking to take in inspiration from all around the world. She enjoys dabbling in interaction design, visual design, and illustration, aiming to create delightful and emotional products. She believes that travelling can broaden her outlook for empathy and understanding to become a more insightful designer.

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italia 2016
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What is your most memorable moment?

My favourite and most memorable moment has to be the conversations I had with the women designers and architects in Italy. This was a personal side project that turned into something much greater than expected. I'm very grateful I had the opportunity to interview, film, and edit the film 'Women in Italian Design'. The conversations we had together were very impactful. It was an eye opener towards the design culture in Italy that we may not often see.

Why would you recommend field school?

Field school can give you a different perspective on working as a team, travelling, understanding a city and its culture in depth. It definitely forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

In Italy, what was your favourite daily tradition?

Siesta!!! Great way to avoid the heat.