ty husband

camera + sound + branding

Ty is devoted to curating unique experiences for others. He’s high energy, always creating things to make people think differently, or at least crack a smile. He enjoys exploring the visual and metaphorical relationship between colour, shape, and sound, producing nothing but risky and ballsy ideas. A lover of symmetry, edgy san-serifs, and user journeys, Ty doesn’t take any project too seriously, only with serious passion.

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ty husband (11/12)

italia 2016
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Why would you recommend field school?

I would recommend field school because it inspires you to stretch your mind. Look at things differently, step out of your comfort zone, and discover new truths about yourself.

What is something you carried with you everywhere you went?

My Moleskine notebook for writing down italian words, sketching my favorite places, and doodling on the metro.

How will this experience affect you moving forward?

Moving forward, this experience has changed how I consume cities, how I approach design work, and how I cook.