nick doering

camera + web development

Nick is a rapid prototyper, using strategy and design ethics to fabricate innovate products. He’s inspired to use design to leave the world a better, more interesting place than the way he found it. Relentless and hardworking, Nick spends his days tinkering with new tech or cooking some tasty risotto.

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nick doering (12/12)

italia 2016

Who would you recommend field school to?

I would recommend italiaDesign to students who might be a little bit lost what they want to do when they graduate. Interviewing leading figures in your field is a good opportunity to figure out what you want to do, you might even surprise yourself.

What was your proudest moment in Italy?

When I was able to buy groceries and not speak English.

What was the best advice a designer gave to you?

At the beginning of a project, find ways to be surprised.