russell taylor

director of the field school

Russell is a designer who approaches design as a holistic activity and practice. Today, most of his students go into the digital design field, specifically in user experience design, a discipline he is deeply invested in, along with visual design. As design is a holistic activity and practice, he has taught his students that as digital space shifts, the need to pivot to new spaces of innovation is crucial. Russell's background is architecture and graphic design. He is passionate about design that is centred in and respectful of culture, and design that is made to sustain.


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italia 2016
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What was your proudest moment in Italy?

Having lunch with my maestro, Signor Alberto Alessi.

What was the best advice a designer gave to you?

“We should surprise ourselves” – Federico Ferretti.

Who was your favourite Italian that you met?

So many. The Milanese fruitseller who peeled and sliced nespole for my film team. The shopkeepers in Roma’s Mercato San Giovanni di Dio. Ginevra Zanzi, architect, Roma EUR.