dilara dinc

assistant director + photographer + social media

Dilara is a user experience designer who is greatly interested in the purposeful and intelligent reasoning behind design ideas. She is passionate about working with human behaviour, and learning about how various cultural backgrounds can affect behaviour. A photographer, creative writer, and avid traveller, Dilara wants to design beautiful things (and find beautifully designed gelato along the way).

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italia 2016
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Who would you recommend field school to?

I would recommend it to people who are looking to be inspired and immerse themselves in a new culture that will hopefully allow them to grow in ways that would not have been possible at home.

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What was your proudest moment in Italy?

Riding a bike (for the first time) in Florence!!

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In Italy, what couldn't you get enough of?

The visual appeal of laundry hanging out to dry, green window shutters, breathtaking views of the Tuscan hillside, and let's not forget about the daily gelato indulgences!

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