alex honeywell

sound + user experience

Alex is passionate about UX and industrial design. He strives to capture human behaviours that will inform lovable and functional products. You'd find Alex rising early to begin his work or just to ride his bicycle. To him, everything is a musical instrument. He loves finding the unseen moments of delight, dissonance, and serenity through design.

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italia 2016
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Alex Bio 3

What have you learned in field school?

I learned the vital importance in having experiences outside the culture of design.

What is something you carried with you everywhere you went?

I took my sketchbook with me everywhere. Although some sketches are rough, each one casts a set of vivid memories from my time there.

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What is one recommendation you have for anyone travelling to Italy?

I recommend sitting in a small, tourist-free piazza for a few hours. Find routines that allow you to feel embedded in a city and connected with others.

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