architecture for human beings

As one of the leading architects in Europe, Massimiliano Fuksas shares his views on architecture. It is expected that architecture should look good and function well, but Fuksas argues that it should be more than just that, architecture should ultimately be designed for the human.

embedded emotions in architecture

Fuksas speaks out against strategy based architecture, he believes that each project should be a reflection of the architect’s emotions, hence should never be the same. It should be about the inspirations and emotions of the architect that drives the design process.

light as structure in san paolo church

Fuksas explains the complex forms and ideas behind the San Paolo Church. Beginning with the idea of a box inside a box, he creates a world where light itself can become the structure of the building.

experiencing the cloud

Fuksas’ EUR Congressi in Rome has been under construction since 2008, and is finally close to completion. Fuksas talks about the story behind this massive project and guides us through the experience of walking through the building.

fuksas: embedded emotions in architecture (2/4)

italia 2016
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light as structure in san paolo church


"I think emotion is much more stronger than strategy."
"Design is a piece of love. When you start to make design, doing, you start giving something from you to others."
"Each project is different. Each idea is different. Why, because my emotions change every day or month, 100 times. You need this to live."
This interview was conducted by: Kimberly Chan + Dilara Dinc