the changing purpose of architecture

Architect, Gregory Henriquez, of Henriquez Partners & Architects shares his insights on a rapidly evolving global market for building materials, and his point of view on what architects should be aiming to create in order to accommodate marginalized populations around the world. He outlines how his architectural process revolves around social housing and issues around homelessness, as opposed to pure aesthetic concerns.

evolving chinatown

Discussing the evolution of Chinatown in terms of how it has grown economically and has evolved into a part of Vancouver that young, counter-culture people enjoy spending time in.

keeping it local

Gregory Henriquez explains how there is a global market to create products but an importance of sourcing materials locally. In his renovation for the York Theatre in Vancouver, he opted to utilize glass tiles for the facade from a Vancouver-based tile company.

henriquez partners: evolving chinatown (2/3)

italia 2016
"I look at cities as evolving organisms."
"An issue that's been discussed over and over has to do with naming, or not naming work. I'm a profound believer that naming work is very important. It gives a point of access in, and it gives a sort of inkling of the intentions of the artist or architect."
"For me, surrealism, connecting the seemingly disconnected, can often make sense of things."
This interview was conducted by: Kimberly Chan + Nick Doering