the moleskine brand

Moleskine is a premium journey brand specializing in notebook design and innovation. Fabio Di Liberto, Brand Manager and Elisa Gretter, Digital Marketing Manager speak about Moleskine’s brand identity and future ambitions with digital channels.

notebook innovation

Moleskine recently launched the Smart Writing Set, a collection of digital tools for creatives that enhances the analog experience of writing. Liberto and Gretter discuss the user experience of the product and the role of digital experiences in traditional mediums.

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italia 2016
"So designing is seeing beyond the existing, and it's not just creating new things – it's new and better things for people."
"We focus on what is important for people, so in this case it is the travel, the discovery, the exploration of new places, physical places or also mental places."
"We know that our public lives in a continuum, so they are not distinguishing between what is pure analog and what is pure digital anymore."
This interview was conducted by: Ty Husband, Maheen Sohail, and Venus Wan.