creating the unseen

Don Chisholm, Co-Founder and Innovative Director of Dossier Creative, explains his love and passion for innovating new spaces and designing for a future state, which led to the birth of Dossier Creative’s tagline: “Create The Unseen”. Chisholm has had over 25 years of experience overseeing creative output at Dossier and advising companies in terms of valuable innovation and meaningful design.

diverging + converging

A look into the method of divergence and convergence Chisholm applied when it came to the plant-based supplement brand, Vega. He takes us through how he was able to showcase a new found strategy through visual means in a very short time period.

designing for wine

A brief overview of the steps it takes to create a successful brand, including the need for an engaging story and how it can be portrayed on a visual level. Chisholm tells us how he applies this knowledge to his work with See Ya Later Ranch and Nk’Mip Wines.

dossier: creating the unseen (1/3)

italia 2016
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diverging + converging


"As a species, we’re the only species that I know of, in the world that isn’t satisfied with who we are and what we do daily. We’re always wanting to improve. We’re frustrated and we’re always trying to define a future state."
"I started in a world of future state, it was all future, and so can you give that in something we buy on a regular basis? Can you give a little bit of create the unseen in something?"
"The visual lockup of how it becomes authentic and real, and all those little moments of discovery, get baked into one purchase."
This interview was conducted by: Dilara Dinc + Ty Husband